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Adscare - adscare.net

Discussion in 'Paid to Click Discussion' started by darwin1, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. darwin1

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    Dec 18, 2010
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    Earn $0.01 - $0.001 per click
    Earn 20% per referral click
    Minimum cashout is $2.00
    Accept Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin
    Effortless income
    Earn from home
    Guaranteed ads daily
    Detailed statistics
    Upgrade opportunities
    A dedicated community
    ClixGrid Clone + Offers
    Secure and stable environment
    Professional support
    Instant services

    Owned by ClixCareTeam
    Sister site of ClixCare and BizzCare!

    ADSCARE - Easy Way to Earn Money