Deficopper DCOP – the smart defi token

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    Global decentralize network to buy & sell copper is a community-driven DeFi project based on Xiotri (XIOT) and Yearn finance (YFL). We will make DCOP a 10x to 100x token in short time. We are copper maker and involved in London Metal Exchange copper trading for over 30 years. We as an established company and would like to extend our business segment to Decentralized finance (Defi) specifically decentralized copper trading app. We will setup an Defi section that responsible for the development of Deficopper and DCOP.

    Note: DCOP NO PRESALE. All distribute to community.

    Token Symbol: DCOP
    Total supply: 3000 DCOP
    Circulating supply: 2850
    Estimated Launch date: September 15-16, 2020

    Buy at Uniswap: HERE
    Twitter (September 15) start. Live Now

    Telegram September 15 start. Live now## Here you re going to share with your friendz


    Contract address: