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    Hi to all forum people,

    I have seen that a lot of people here are looking for special things or things need to be done for them.

    There I am offering you:

    1. Find for you things and services what you are needing.

    examples: For example I am offering you finding electrical devices, greencards, websites or hosting. I am also accepting all requests, including special ones of interested people. I will charge 10 % standard and the commission can be discussed depending on this what you are looking for, how important it is and the prices.

    what is included for free: I will looking for the products, things or services in the internet and also by posting in forums and contact the sellers/wholesalers personally. Searching time can be given at ordering or it can be unlimited. You can request more orders at the same time.

    what I am charging: You will need to pay only the commissions if I am finding for what you have looked for.

    2. I am offering you to providing my services to you for a fixed money or a fee what we can discuss. For example verifiying accounts for you, help you by soluting problems including technical ones, help you in letting a site or forum growing, including hyips or try to get money back for you from SCAMs. I will also accept all requests from you and try to work on them for you. You will also need to pay only if it would be done what you are looking for.

    I cannot guarantee you that I will find what you are looking for, but I can ensure that I will giving my best and that I am working trustable.

    Please note in both cases: You can request from me all kind of orders to looking for products, things are services. But I am not agreeing on orders who are discriminating others, violating the rules or witch are illegal.

    If you are interested in my services, you can post here and send me a pm. My private email adress, also for chatting with me about the details, will follow soon.