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    Who we are? is a simple operation PM to BTC BCH LTC etc instant exchanger. rose to popularity due to its commitment to deliver the best user experience and customer service and the excellent rating on Trust Pilot reflects it.

    What do we offer?
    Exchange Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, PMUSD, PMEUR, and many other cryptocurrencies instantly

    Why choose us? is very fast instant exchanger, it is more professional and with simple operation, it support API access too, good and quick customer support 24/7.

    No registration or account needed to exchange crypto is a non-custodial service, we neither hold nor store your crypto
    Exchange crypto with both Best rate and Fixed rate.
    24/7 Customer support
    Instant exchange
    API access
    Start of work: 2018/05

    Exchange type

    Perfect Money($) to Bitcoin

    Perfect Money($) to Bitcoin Cash

    Perfect Money($) to Litecoin

    Perfect Money(€) to Bitcoin

    Perfect Money(€) to Bitcoin Cash

    Bitcoin to Perfect Money($)

    Bitcoin to Perfect Money(€)

    Litecoin to Perfect Money($)

    You can be sure that will get the best rates in the market for all your transactions. pmbtc follows the customer-first policy and strives the deliver the best service to all our customers.

    How to reach us?
    Official website -
    Email – [email protected]
    Online chat ICQ - 746985698

    We will add more payment systems in future in order to make our exchange site best.
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    BTC total transaction volume surges
    Data delivered by the Glassnode agency reveals that, over the past 24 hours, the total transaction volume of Bitcoin saw a substantial surge and is currently at 8,400,488.542.

    It is up 36 percent from the previous value.

    Image via Twitter
    Users have been moving their BTC actively. On Monday, the BTC exchange rate added $400 and surged from the $10,300 zone to the $10,700 area, according to data provided by CoinMarketCap.

    That is the highest level Bitcoin has seen over the past ten days.

    After hitting a high of $12,335 on August 17, Bitcoin then dropped below the $12,000 level on Sept. 1.

    On the same day, BTC managed to briefly recover above $12,000, but then it began a sharp decline, dropping below $10,000 for a short moment and then trading in a range between $10,000 and $10,400.

    On Sept. 14, BTC went as high as the $10,700 area for the first time in two weeks.