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    Hello, I have been a client of FXGlory for around 6 months. I did trade live for awhile but got MC. So I have just been using them for demo accounts. The other day I was running my EA on my demo account when it just stopped trading. Platform got locked up or something. I shut down and restart. When I look at the trades and balance it is all screwed up. I like have 1 billion dollars in the negative on the account. I figure something happened with that account. So I made a new demo account with $300.00 deposit. I open it up on there platform. Same thing. A billion dollars in the deposit on the negative side. I am not going to waste my time with trying to email or call them. I have been reading the previous reviews and now I know why they have a bad reputation. On there site they say scalping and hedging allowed. Maybe they did not like the EA I was using. Why should it matter if only on demo account. I am glad that did not happen on real. No warning , emails or anything from them. They just cut me off. I am a client with 6 other brokers and have not had any problems like this. Most good brokers will send you a weekly statement of your trades, even if it is on demo. Not FXGlory. Anyways, not using them anymore. I would provide screen shots, but I don't see where to attach.
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    Sad thing happened to you. And thanks for sharing your experience.

    If you can not attach a file then you can upload them in imgur and share the image here.