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    ensani MrTurtle
    hi bro how are you? :X i started again exchange in forum ECZ ..plz if have btc for my perfectmoney or other say me in forum or telegram @enexchanger +989122099477
  15. ensani
    ensani PreExchange
    hi bro how are you...i started again exchange in foroum if have BTC for my perfectmoney say me in telegram or forum
  16. ensani
    ensani sanbat
    hi bro...i start again exchange in out of my country..if have btc say me...
  17. khan_telecom
    khan_telecom stephen rathbone
    hello yes sent massage
    now tell me ?
  18. marktowbridge
    marktowbridge stephen rathbone
    Bro please stop pestering me with messages on skype. I am busy, I told you. If you dont know how to add people on ICQ, I am not here to teach you. I will only contact when I have amazon to sell you.
    1. khan_telecom
      mark..this guy is ,,.. wasting time me too
      Nov 15, 2018
  19. moodyexchanger
    Buying: USD BTC = 6.60 RMB USD PM = 6.55 RMB USD Neteller = 6.55 RMB USD Skrill = 6.55 RMB USD PayPal = 6.35 RMB ICQ: 688672130
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