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    Default Buying/Selling/Dealing of Hacked/Stolen Funds, Vouchers, Pins is STRICTLY Prohibited

    All members,

    While it should already be clear from our forum rule 1-K that we do NOT allow buying/selling/dealing of anything hacked or stolen, we want to reiterate that buying/selling/dealing of anything hacked or stolen IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED on this forum. This includes but is not limited to PayPal logins, credit cards, bank logins etc. especially PayPal My Cash, Reloadit, Vanilla etc. pins and vouchers. If you are caught dealing with hacked or stolen pins or vouchers, you will be banned right away and reported to cyber crime authorities. It does not matter if you are an ECZ VERIFIED EXCHANGER or a normal member. It does not matter how much money you have invested in advertisements on this forum. We find you involved in such activities, we ban you. It is just as simple as that. If you are unable to prove that whatever you are selling has been obtained by you legally and legitimately, it will be considered as stolen and will result in a ban. If you are selling anything (be it any e-currency or voucher or pin), you must be able to prove that it has been obtained by you legally. If you are knowingly buying anything illegal or stolen, you will be banned.

    If there is any confusion, you may contact us.
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    You will get scammed or banned FOR SURE if you do not read and follow these forum rules!




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