Cloudbet's 5th Birthday Celebration

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    Five years is an eternity in crypto. Since Cloudbet first launched, the landscape has changed countless times. One thing has been constant though, the community.

    We’d like you to join us on a trip down memory lane as we look back on the birth of Cloudbet, the rise of Bitcoin, and how the bitcointalk community has helped us grow from humble roots to a major player in the bitcoin betting world.

    In October 2013, five years after the whitepaper that revealed it to the world, Bitcoin was still in uncharted territory. It was a time of pioneers. A small but vibrant community of believers had worked tirelessly to lay the grounds for a completely new ecosystem, while the outside world seemed utterly oblivious.

    Few people had even heard about Bitcoin, let alone accepted it as payment. For most, it was just too risky. But where others saw risk, we saw opportunity. Where others saw a silly internet money, we saw the future. Because from the start we knew that, more than money, this was a revolution in trust.

    Gambling presented the perfect use case for Bitcoin, and we recognised it straight away. And so, five years ago, in October 2013, Cloudbet launched the first Bitcoin-native professional betting platform. Our vision was to create a complete gaming experience for our players, while also being the easiest way to bet with Bitcoin - and those are still our goals in everything we build.

    Now we are turning five, which in crypto time is the equivalent to an entire geological age. And we know that we couldn’t ever have got here alone. We are grateful to our loyal players, who have trusted us in this journey. Thank you for believing in us. We promise to live up to this trust in every step of the way.


    You can join in the birthday celebrations in our Bitcoin Meme Creation Contest in 'games and rounds', where there's a 0.75BTC pot up for grabs!

    Have a great (birth)day! [​IMG]