dPONZI is the world's first fully trusted decentralized blockchain game.

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    We have a great chance to earn Ethereum in different pots according to the number of days, allowing you to get return on investment in shorter time. A wonderful opportunity from a real profitable game dponzi.

    What are you waiting for, join dPonzi now to enter your pathway of wealthy.

    An amazing opportunity from the actual game. Different from other smart contract games, each of your investments will be invested into different pots to achieve higher returns, where the pot has packages such as daily, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days and 365 days.

    ROYALK Pathway to wealth
    Investing 10 Ethereum equals to joining ROYALK package/pot (without timer, mandatory end time as 365days which end together with 365days pot). ROYALK package is special because the ROYALK pot only issued to all ROYALK package holders.

    The specialty of ROYALK package is composed of 5% of the investment amount of all investors. At the end of the 365days pot, it will randomly distributes to 100 ROYALK players.

    As I know, dPONZI is the world's first fully trusted decentralized blockchain game, they are offering equitable game than FOMO3D, open sourced, fun to play, faster and quicker return on investment, all actions are complying with smart contract, they are a Ponzi game, not a scam.

    For more info visit at https://www.dponzi.io