Economic and political factors

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    Currency rates fluctuate due to a variety of economic and political factors. Key factors include:
    Interest rates
    International Trade
    Political stability

    There are several other reasons increase the interest of investors in forex trading some of the main reasons include:
    No fee
    Without intermediaries
    No sizes of deals
    Low transaction costs
    High liquidity
    Instant transactions
    Low margin \ high leverage
    Market over the twenty-four hours
    Access to trade through trading platforms on the Internet
    Provides a good opportunity to trade permanently, unlike the forex market never be upward or downward.
    No single entity can control the market
    No internal trades.

    To start trading the forex market, the investor only Sathaj to a PC and a high-speed connection to the internet and account for forex trading. You can open a mini account an amount not exceeding $ 100.
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    It is mainly economical factors that give rise to a change in the market. The Forex market is one that is much surrounded by the fact that different economies have some kinda influence on it. Traders only have a chance to analyze the market and try to factor out the likely outcome from their analysis.Forex is influenced by the economic conditions which political activities are just part of it.
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    The political and the economic event are some of the thing which :ake up forex trading and its the fundamental analysis comparisone .
    You must do good fundamental analysis and technical analysis if you ever want to succeed through here in this business political outcome do affect the market positively
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    To a large extent, economic and political factor has a way of affecting forex trading. It is important that traders consider this when in the market. Not putting this into consideration can affect your position in a drastic way. Good trading is the ability to recognize these before trading to avoid losses.