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    It is mandatory for all users to read and understand these rules (it will take less than 10 minutes) and make a commitment to follow these at all times. We know some of these are boring but a REQUIREMENT to read. If you do not read the rules or do not wish to follow them, you are not allowed to use this website, and if found using the website without agreeing to these rules, your account will be immediately blocked.

    The following are the ECZ forum rules and terms & conditions of using this website. It is imperative for every member of this forum to follow these rules at all times.


    A) Choose Topic Title Wisely
    Your topic title should not be confusing so the other person can get an idea of what the thread is about.

    B) Posting New Topics
    Posts must be in English. You must create new topics in the most appropriate sections. For example, if thread is about Forex, do not post it in Cryptocurrency section. Moreover, your thread content should be clear and not vague or misleading. For example, if you are offering your service of buying or selling cryotocurrencies, the thread content must clearly state what cryptocurrencies you deal in.

    C) Duplicate Threads
    Do not make duplicate post(s) in multiple threads/sections. Also, do not make duplicate threads in multiple or the same section as it will be considered SPAM.

    D) Thread Hijacking
    Do not hijack others' threads. If someone is selling something, do not post in the thread offering to sell the same thing or anything else... only post if you want to buy what that user is selling.

    E) Plagiarism
    Plagiarism is strictly not allowed. This means copy/pasting content from other sources for the purpose of increasing your post count.

    F) Signatures
    Your signature must not be longer than 500 characters and the font must not be bigger than a size 3. Your signature must not promote warez, porn, hate or hacked/stolen items. Your signature can be of maximum 3 lines and must not have a banner or graphical image of any kind in it. If you need to put a banner or an image in the signature, there will be a small fee. The forum staff has the right to remove any members' signature without any explanation.

    G) Do Not Create Multiple ECZ Accounts
    Do not create multiple ECZ accounts, period. If we ban you, you may request a review of your account. If we do not lift your ban that means you are no longer welcomed on ECZ. Any multiple accounts you create will be banned too. If you wish to have more than one account on the forum for any reason, you must seek the administration's approval first. In some cases, we do allow the use of more than one account but giving approval is solely at the administration's discretion.

    H) SPAM
    We have zero-tolerance policy for spammers. Posts advertising a site or a product are considered as spam. Posts with just 'hello', 'hi', 'its good', 'i like it' is also considered spam. Posting the same content over and over again in different threads or the same thread is also spam, creating posts in inappropriate sections etc. Generally, anything considered as unwanted garbage is spam.

    I) No Abusive Language - Be Courteous And Professional
    No name-calling, personal attacks, fighting, racist remarks, making threats or using foul language which includes the F words, 'idiot', 'fool', 'stupid' and other such words. It does not matter what that person did to you. If you have a complain about someone, contact forum staff.

    J) Proxy/VPN is not allowed
    Use of a proxy/VPN while using this website is strictly NOT allowed on ECZ.

    K) Things Not Allowed On The Forum
    Anything about hacking, scammed or stolen items. Stolen items which include but is not limited to bank/PayPal logins, cryptocurrencies, credit cards, illegal movie downloads, illegal software downloads, documents, buying/selling/trading of hacked accounts, buying/selling/trading of hacked funds/money/vouchers/gift cards etc. If we find you selling or buying anything stolen or hacked, we may ban you instantly. For more information on this, please go through this.

    L) Disrespecting Forum/Forum Staff
    If you cannot respect the forum staff, you are not welcomed on ECZ. This also includes threatening or lying to the forum staff for any reason.

    M) Be careful when giving someone an ID of another member
    If you give someone an ECZ administrator's, moderator's or anyone else's ID, MAKE 100% SURE you are giving them the the correct ID. If you are even a little unsure whether that is the correct ID, DON'T give it to them, as it can result is scams from impostors.

    N) Thread Bumping
    Thread bumping with posts such as 'service still available', 'still exchanging', posting updates etc. or digging up old threads is not allowed unless you have a sticky thread.

    O) Content Deletion
    Any type of content on the forum (such as a thread or a post) will be deleted only if it is deemed as SPAM. Please do not come to us to delete negative feedbacks from your threads. If positive feedback is allowed then so is negative feedback. Once a thread has been posted, it will not be deleted unless it is considered as SPAM or deemed as inappropriate by forum staff. It can be closed if the thread opener requests it. Any threads in the Scam Discussion category will not be deleted unless it is SPAM or unless agreed by all parties involved in that thread (final decision of deletion rests with the administration). Please do not post anything that you would want deleted later on because that will not happen.

    P) Username Selection
    You must select a username that is not misleading or containing a website URL.

    Q) Rights of Use Reserved
    Since this is a privately owned website, it is up to the administration staff to ask any member to leave the forum for any reason. Administration staff is not required to give a reason if they do ask any member to leave.


    A) Only ECZ Verified Exchangers are allowed to deal in certain currencies on the forum and off the forum (with ECZ members). Any member found breaking this rule will see his account banned. For more details regarding this rule and the list of these currencies, please see this page.

    B) E-currency exchanges are dangerous. There's always a risk. If you are exchanging with a well reputed member, that risk is low. If you are exchanging with an ECZ Verified Exchanger, that risk is even lower. If you are exchanging with a newbie or not a reputed member, the risk is high. If you are looking for an absolutely 100% safe exchange, it is not possible. ECZ is not liable for any loss you may incur while dealing on this forum. You must read our disclaimer here.

    C) Do not make accusations if you do not have proof to back them. Do not call anyone a scammer without showing definitive proof.

    D) While exchanging currencies that have pins or vouchers, most of the times it cannot be checked which account the pin or the voucher has been used on. These types of exchanges become very risky as one party can say they sent a valid voucher/pin and the other party can say that it was invalid - and there is no proof who actually used the voucher/pin. In such exchanges, be extra careful and agree on clear terms and conditions of the exchange to minimize possible future problems. Preferably, use TeamViewer and ask the selling party to load the voucher/pin themselves so you cannot be blamed later on if the voucher/pin turns out to be invalid. If you are exchanging currencies such as PerfectMoney which has the option of using both direct transfers and vouchers, always opt for direct transfers as they are recorded in the transaction history. While it should be clear now to all members that ECZ forum is not liable for any exchanges that go on, we want to bring this to all members' attention as well that any scam reports involving dealings of vouchers/pins will most likely not be entertained as there is no definite way for us to find out who actually the victim is. Participating in such exchanges, one must be informed that in the event of the deal going bad, no help can be expected from the ECZ administration.

    D1) While you are dealing in vouchers or codes (such as PerfectMoney voucher, BTC-e code, Amazon gift card code etc.), it is strongly advised to use/redeem the code right the moment you get it. Do not wait around, as that can risk potential problems such as the code not working at a later time. You receive the code, you use/redeem it right away so if you find that it is not working, you can complain to the seller right away. Sellers have their own refund/exchange policies and most sellers may not accept a refund/exchange claim if a certain time has passed.

    E) Do not give or ask for feedbacks on the threads without actually dealing with the person.

    F) Administrators of the forum are the MOST trusted people. If they approach you for an exchange or vice versa, be prepared to send first especially if you are new. If you cannot trust the administrators, there is no place for you here.

    G) Do you dislike a user? Do you think a user is shady? Is a user bugging you? Do you think a user may be a scammer? Do you have any kind of issue with a user? There is a very simple solution. Block and delete this user from all your contact IDs. Make it impossible for them to send you a message or try to talk to you. And do not, under any circumstance, deal with this user. Because if you do decide to deal with them and anything goes wrong, we will NOT entertain you. Any scam or complaint threads created in this regard will be deleted.


    A) Prefer to deal with ECZ VERIFIED EXCHANGERS only. These are the exchangers who have verified their identity with us by submitting their ID documents and are LESS LIKELY to scam, but not impossible. However, we cannot guarantee that 100% because we cannot predict human behaviour. Please do read this DISCLAIMER.

    C) Do not be in a hurry to do an exchange. Go through the forum rules and other important threads, take your time to discuss the exchange terms with the other person and only proceed after everything has been clearly established. A numerous people who got scammed told us that they were in a hurry and didn't read the forum rules and then they got scammed. Don't be that victim. It is your hard earned money - do not risk it by being in a rush. You not only need to read the rules but follow them as well and if you are not following them, your chances of losing your money increases. Also, we are unable to help if you have communicated or traded with the trader outside of the forum such as any instant messengers or other exchange websites like LocalBitcoins.

    D) If someone contacts you over the Instant Messenger (Yahoo, Skype etc.) and tells you that he is interested in exchanging with you, MAKE SURE HE IS WHO HE SAYS HE IS BEFORE STARTING THE EXCHANGE. If he says he is a trusted member on ECZ, he might not always be telling the truth! Always have the user Private Message you inside the forum or post in your thread to confirm he is the real user he says he is. If he refuses to do this for any reason then he is a scammer! If he says he cannot PM you or post in your thread and he makes up some (almost believable) excuse why he cannot do so then do not exchange with him! It is a scam! Messenger IDs can be hacked. We recommend you to deal on the forum directly. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO MAKE TRADES COMMUNICATING ON THE FORUM SO IMPOSTORS CAN'T FOOL YOU.

    E) Most users have their contact IDs mentioned in their profile and threads, make sure that you are talking to the right person and not an imposter before you deal.

    F) If you are a reputable exchanger and someone asks you on any messenger to send them a private message here on the forum with a code or any message to confirm your identity, NEVER DO THAT. Some smart scammers are using this way of tricking people to believe that they are reputable exchangers here on the forum by impersonating them. BE CAREFUL! Do not send a private message to anyone. Instead, just post your messenger ID in your thread and ask the client to match it. Messenger IDs can be hacked. We recommend you to deal on the forum directly.

    G) We encourage all users to communicate and trade ON THE FORUM instead of doing it on any instant messenger or outside the forum. Messengers can be hacked and you can be tricked into sending money to a scammer. Also, there is no realistic way for us to verify any communication that has taken place outside of the forum as screenshots can be edited. We bear no responsibility if you choose to trade outside of the forum. Furthermore, new verified exchangers have a limit on the max amount of trade they are allowed to make. This limit is clearly displayed in their main thread. You are advised to not make bigger trades than the limit, for your own safety.

    H) Figure out as much information as possible about the user himself! Some good examples are his: Name, Phone number for SMS or Call, Country he/she lives in, Where he has obtained the funds he is going to exchange with you (If he says they were obtained through eBay or some other auction site of the the sort have him send you the listing to make sure he actually sold the item), his YM, MSN, Gmail, AIM, ICQ, Skype etc., other forums he has exchanged on for more reputation. After you have received this information go ahead and search it on google and see if anything pops up that may discourage you to trade with him. For example: You type in his YM in google and an article or website pops up that says he is a scammer, show the website or article to him and ask for his explanation. Avoid dealing with such persons that have scam accusations against them.


    A) You have read and understood the terms and conditions of ECZ Verified Exchanger subscription. They are as follows for your review. You agree that you have read and understood the forum rules. You understand that failure to follow the forum rules will result in an instant ban WITHOUT refund. You will post your exchange rules/terms and conditions in your thread. You will post your contact details on your thread and on your profile. You understand that you will be banned without refund if you have been proved a scammer. You understand that the forum has the right to disclose your personal information and documents to the victim if you have been proved a scammer.


    C) You will not post SPECIFIC trading rates and trading amounts in your threads. You are free to discuss specific rates and trading amounts in a private conversation with your customer. Please see the following examples for clarification.

    D) If your ECZ Verified Exchanger subscription is less than six months old, we will display a cautionary message on your thread. This message is in no way meant to discourage others from trading with you but simply alert users to follow forum rules and be careful when trading, just as they should be when trading with anyone online. This message will be removed once you have become a longstanding reputable member of this site.

    Failure to comply with these rules may result in a warning or a ban. ECZ reserves the right to alter/change/remove these rules at any time. It is YOUR responsibility to check back regularly for updates.
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