Get the right price of your bitcoins & make instant withdraw

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    Get the right price of your bitcoins & make instant withdraw, availability in 135+ countries

    Why to sell your Bitcoin to other platforms, while Bit Globals is giving you the true value of your bitcoin with extra ordinary features missing in your current platform. Now sell Bitcoin at true its value and swift withdrawal. No hidden charges.

    Some amazing features available from bitglobals are as:

    Bitglobals Advance Wallet: Bitglobals assures that their wallet is based on the most advanced technology and has highest security algorithms, where you can easily store your any numbers of bitcoins and sell them directly whenever you want, securing most of the user's bitcoin in a cold wallet. Bitglobals wallet is limit free which means you can keep as many bitcoin as you want which is basically tested and used by me. The second feature is Wallet to Wallet Instant Transfer in which the user can transfer his coins and money to any wallet instantly 24x7 without any charges this is also tested and used personally by me.

    Hold bitcoin in your wallet and exchange only when you're making payments or you got the best rates and deal.

    • Instant Transfer & Instant receive Bitcoin
    • Wallet to Wallet/Bank Transfer
    • No Limit Wallet
    • Secure Storage & Get full control on wallet
    • Highest security algorithms (Be carefree and trade risk free)
    • Private & Secure

    Receive & Send Btc: User can send and receive bitcoin in his account from anywhere in the world. It works like P2P technology, the good thing is that there is no minimum and maximum limit.

    Global Fund Transfer: This is a very advanced feature which no other cryptocurrency exchange or forex company is providing in the market presently. In Global Fund Transfer, money is sent instantly from one country to another, in this you can do personal and commercial transactions. The exchange rate remains the same means that if you send 100 USD to someone, then the beneficiary gets the entire 100 USD, there is no fee for the amount above 1000 USD. The same if you take this service from a bank, then high exchange rate fees, wire transfer charges and a lot of documents have to be submit. If in future you want to do international transaction of 1000 USD or above then try the services of Bitglobals international fund transfer, in which you will obtain benefit up to 7%.

    Fast & secure way to transfer funds globally to any bank account, Multiple features available for 135+ countries around the world.

    • Supports 150+ Currencies
    • Best Exchange Rate
    • Amount Transferred = Same Amount Received
    • No documentation load
    • Swift & secure transaction
    • No Minimum & Maximum Limit
    • 0% Transfer Fee (No hidden charges)
    • Easy global transfer in few clicks
    • Direct transfer to bank account

    Full Control Wallet: Also, Bitglobals Wallets gives you full control over your cryptocurrencies, which means no one can freeze or take your crypto this is because of the highest security algorithms being used by the company.

    Free Bitglobals MasterCard: In this, you get International MasterCard, whenever you receive bitcoin or sell from other wallet, the cashback you get is credited to this same card, cashback can be used for online shopping, bills payment and more. You can also withdraw cash from the card. This is my personal feature which I swear by because the cashback can further be used to buy further bitcoins which is amazing.

    • Instant Virtual Master Card
    • P2P Transfer 24x7
    • Instant Fund transfer / withdrawal* (No Limit)
    • Zero transaction Fees
    • Use bonus / cashback for 60million merchants globally
    • Will work on phone, need not to carry other cards
    • The daily transaction limit is $20000 USD
    • Buy the things you love with Master card

    25% Cashback: On selling bitcoins from other wallets and receiving btc, the user gets up to 25% cashback.

    Trade with Non KYC Account: In this fast life when even an account takes 10 minutes, you have option to save those 10 minutes by skipping KYC. Hold on, your data is still secure with us.