How do I make money while helping the earth and advancing crypto technology?

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    As I know that GreenEarthMoon helps the planet and its inhabitants live a better life through cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, green energy and sustainable living.

    Cryptocurrency is the future of global money however it is responsible for approximately 1% of global energy use and that number is rising. Most of this power comes from very harmful energy sources.

    How do I make money while helping the earth and advancing crypto technology?

    The GreenEarthMoon coin is known as a static reward token. This means that every time someone buys or sells you earn a tax on that transaction. Think of it as earning high interest just for owning and holding. The longer you hold your tokens the more tokens you will accrue.

    Initialy 33% of the tokens were burned and sent to a dead address. This address also receives tokens as a static reward. When tokens are sent to this address they are removed from circulation forever.

    When there are less tokens in circulation it automatically increases the value of every single token.

    So by holding tokens it automatically increases the number of tokens you own and each token you own becomes more and more valuable over time. Pretty cool, huh? To top it off we also added a straight 1% burn on each buy and sell, guaranteeing a nice steady decreasing supply to help with an increasing token value.

    How to buy GreenEarthMoonCoin

    Step 1. Download Trustwallet or Metamask

    Step 2. Create a Wallet (write down your recovery phrase and keep safe)


    Step 3. Purchase Ethereum


    Step 4. Add Binance Smart chain to metamask

    Step 5. Bridge Ethereum toBNB on Binance Smart Chain



    Each buy and sell transaction activates 3 important things.

    1. 5% of purchase goes to locked liquidity, constantly raising the liquidity pool.

    2. 4% is given to existing holders. The longer you are a community member the more tokens you will own.

    3. 1% is burned forever. This decreases the supply raising the value of each token with every transaction Each purchase and sell is a total of 10% tax.

    For more info you can simply visit at