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How To Start A Personal Statement

Discussion in 'Money Cycler' started by nexronkhan123, Oct 31, 2017.

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    Oct 31, 2017
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    How to Start a Personal Statement :-
    Writing a convincing personal statement has always been the toughest task. Some people run out of the words while others struggle with forming a comprehensive outlook for their personal statements. How to start a personal statement is indeed an art which requires the meaningful and relevant introduction to your experience, skills and unique selling proposition that helps you in standing out.

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    What is a Personal Statement
    The personal statement is the brief summary that helps the reader in getting insight into your personality (backed by completed education, possessed skills and experiences).

    The reader of your personal statement is always searching for the one differentiated skill which makes you unique from all other applicants and makes you a perfect candidate for the applied school or organization.

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    Opening of a Personal Statement
    The opening part is basically an opportunity for the writer to properly introduce himself to the desired audience. The starting part doesn’t have to be catchy or fancy enough to attract the attention, however, it should consist of those elements which can help the other person in understanding your ideas and perception.

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    Some Beginning Rules:
    Answer According to Specifications:
    • Some companies and Universities provide the specific set of questions which need to be answered through the personal statement.
    • In such case, always try to understand the questions and then, form a draft for your answers
      by adding all the possible choices. Avoid exaggeration.
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