.iproyal pawn- earn passively from selling some of your WiFi or Internet speed (Payment proof)

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    What is an iproyal pawn?
    IPRoyal has developed an Application that enables users to share their internet traffic with IPRoyal and its Customers over their devices. IPRoyal allows Users to sell shared internet traffic by changing the network settings of their devices to be used as a gateway for internet traffic.

    How does the application work?

    IPRoyal provided internet users with the opportunity to earn money over free wifi there and passively make money by installing a software on a PC and allowing it to run in the background. Only one rope per device. I have 3 computers earning more than $ 0.30 a day on 3 different networks. $ 1 per 5 GB

    Payment Methods
    The minimum cash withdrawal is $ 1 (no fee) via PayPal and $ 5 Bitcoin (no fees charged at bitlocus.

    https: //iproyal.com/pawns? R = 2453

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