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It's available to buy/sell BTC on Epay now!

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Project Development Discussions' started by Crystal Wu, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Crystal Wu

    Crystal Wu ECZ Member

    Mar 30, 2017
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    We are honored to inform all Epay users that you can buy or sell BTC on Epay.com from now on.


    Epay system integrates with Bitstamp API to help you finish the Bitstamp's BTC market price trading. You can buy or sell Bitcoin via Epay with Bitstamp in a very short time. That means while you making a BTC trading on Epay.com, Epay directly pulls the real-time exchange rate through the Bitstamp API. The cost we charge during the process is Bitstamp actual transaction fee plus Epay fee (now is free). For details, please click https://www.bitstamp.net to check the current market price.

    It must be noted that, when you make a trading order, Epay will charge you 10% of the deposit amount as a trading margin. Margin, to make sure the trading goes well when the real time BTC market price exceeds the planned one, later returned to your Epay account after trading ends.

    Come to trade BTC directly on Epay.com via Bitstamp Real Time Exchange!