KwikSwap Token Sale & DEX Launched Lightning fast scaling on Polkadot

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    What is KwikSwap?

    KwikSwap is a revolutionary Swap Protocol with Layer 2 Scaling powered by Ethereum, Polkadot and Plasma / OVM. The Protocol is currently V1 on Ethereum Mainnet and V2 on Polkadot / Plasma will be launched by the end of January 2021. Users can swap, create markets, add liquidity & stake. V3 is going to feature the most exciting functionality yet to hit the decentralized space. User can trade with next to no fees and at lightning speeds!

    Unlike other clones that are built on Uniswap, KwikSwap is built from self developed source code and offers a superior swapping, liquidity and staking experience.

    What is the price of the KWIK Tokens?

    We will feature two price points during the KWIK Token Sale. The first session will be priced at or around $0.10 USD Cents. The second session will be priced at or around $0.20 USD Cents. Main stage will be priced at $0.40 USD Cents. Please check the dates from our dashboard when you sign up

    We have minted 250,000,000 KWIK Tokens. 150,000,000 will be available in the token sale. 100,000,000 Tokens will remain for staking rewards, development and other distribution as per the distribution charts on

    How will KWIK Token be used with KwikSwap Dapp?

    KWIK Token will feature front stage and purpose staking rewards, governance, liquidity and main swapping pair on the KwikSwap Protocol.

    How can I participate in the Kwik Token sale?

    Because we are decentralised, we do not expect customers to complete KYC's, therefore anyone can participate in our token sale through the "buy now" links on this page. Please note that the official and only place to purchase KWIK is on this site and sub-domain

    KwikSwap Protocol Links

    Token sale Dashboard -
    Token Sale Lander -
    KwikSwap V1 dApp -
    Main dApp Site-
    Whitepaper - https://No link shortners - please include original link/kwikswapwpenglish

    KwikSwap External and Socials

    Want to work with us? We need community growth assistance!

    Obviously one of the key ingredients for a successful DEX is it's users. Users of KwikSwap can add liquidation and enjoy transaction fee split and earn staking rewards on top of that! KWIK token stakers can earn 12% APY whilst HODL'ing!

    If you want to join us and assist us in building the KwikSwap Community - please contact us on [email protected]