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    Nov 14, 2016
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    Dear friends , we would like to announce you the new cash back option on starting with February 1st. We will give you a special promotional code that you can give to all your friends and co-workers.

    For all those that use your code while making a new transaction with us, you get a cash back during your next trade with us.

    Your cash back will be calculated as follows:
    2€ in btc for every 50€ voucher
    4€ in btc for every 100€ voucher
    6€ in btc for every 150€ voucher
    8€ in btc for every 250€ voucher

    How your friends will use your promotional code?

    Very easy, just past it at the end of your wallet address with the sign ’’-’’

    Example: your friend’s wallet address – your code
    zp9GUBqF7Ecnd1MAW2Ve9TQoMkDgaX4sJR - 123456

    Kind Regards,

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    Thanks for the information..It is very inspiring.I have been working from home and I am into reselling business with wherein I sell the web services.I have a considerable number of customers and since they keep renewing the services either monthly or annually I get paid for each sale.So, I thought of spending my time to earn through other online ways.Luckily,came across your post.