NiceHash Mining Pool Reimburses All Users; EXMO Hacked!

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    Although 2020 was a fantastic year for cryptocurrency, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The two most valuable cryptocurrencies have been gaining value all through the year. BTC (Bitcoin) a few days ago hit $27,000, and ETH (Ethereum) is also steadily rising now, going for more than $700. This spike in prices has been a big motivator for hackers back in 2017 and now. In 2017, Bitcoin went on its first-ever bull run and peaked at $20,000 per coin. It was during this time that hackers pounced on NiceHash, a Crypto Mining Pool. By the time it was all said and done, the hackers had stolen a total of 4640 Bitcoins valued at $55 million and $104,629,328 by the time this article was published.

    EXMO Hacked!
    A few days ago, EXMO, a UK-based crypto exchange platform with offices in Kyiv, Moscow, and London. The latest cyberattack victim has confirmed that it lost about 5% of its total assets being held in hot wallets. The company said that it noticed some large withdrawals from the exchange where a security audit shows significant amounts of BTC, ZEC, XRP, USDT, ETC, and ETH being sent outside the business. In this hack, only funds located in the hot wallet were stolen. Any crypto in a cold wallet EXMO said didn’t warrant any concern since these funds were safe.

    Upon investigation, it was discovered that the funds were sent to a single address. The wallet in question here received about 306 Bitcoin worth around $7.24 million and later withdrawals of about 15 Bitcoin valued at about $355,000. In an attempt to keep the stolen altcoins out of innocent user’s hands, the company is working with the U.K. National Cybersecurity Center, Chainalysis, Crystal, and CipherTrace.

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