Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis: What We Learned From TGS

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    Right from the start, it feels great to run across the world exploring. The new Photon Dash and Photon Glide have pleasant results and are simple to control meseta pso2 ngs. Both these additions pair perfectly with all the open world as gamers can literally explore anyplace, Breath of the Wild-style. Watch a mountain? Run onto it and jump it up. Is that a great forest clearing in the distance?

    Run and leap into a glide towards it and see what's over there. There's lots to discover in the world. Enemies aren't rampant but still plentiful, providing gamers tons to fight, and if there is a Trial or Urgent Quest, a sign will appear on screen and also on the mini-map to let you know where to head. No more going into a pursuit counter; just head into the fun and celebration on the fly.

    You may be wondering how it's likely to have such a big world with tons of players and this level of graphical quality. SEGA showed off its place transitioning from the initial prologue movie, and it is just as seamless as promised. The map is sectioned by area, with all Central City being the biggest as the main hub.

    Hundreds of players can be there simultaneously, which can cause some loading problems when it comes to player models, the same as the current PSO2. Other regions contain fewer players, operating like instances, and there are usually around 32 at a zone, which means you will still see plenty of people running around. There's no loading when transitioning, either buy PSO2 NGS Meseta. Although, we did notice 1 problem.