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RainWallet – The step towards creating world’s first global currency!

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Project Development Discussions' started by Rupert Anderson, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Rupert Anderson

    Rupert Anderson ECZ Member

    Nov 17, 2015
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    With ICOs coming like rain, it is very hard to decide but now with RainWallet, it is all going to be easy for you making the decisive decision. It’s built around the concept that makes the cryptocurrency revolution accessible to every person on this planet!

    With such global idea, it will uniformly distribute a smart contract wallet preloaded with self leveling tokens to populations that have previously been in economic circumstances below the threshold needed to take part in the blockchain economy. And, thanks to that it will enable people have access to technologies needed to enter the token marketplace, it will remove disadvantage that usually new entries have!

    The formula for this is simple and that’s about 100 tokens created for every wallet, but the point to note is that no tokens are sold instead we are would be buying smart contract! So with so many features and benefits, it is truly the way toward for the glorifying the future!

    So come forward and become part of this victory momentum http://rainwallet.com/