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Rule 2-A: Do You Deal In Gift Cards/High Risk Currencies?

Discussion in 'Forum's Important Announcements, News and Info' started by ECZ Admin, Jul 15, 2015.

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  1. ECZ Admin


    Mar 2, 2015
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    Hello members,

    In an attempt to combat scam, we are introducing a new policy on the forum. After careful observation, we have deduced that about 95% of scam cases involve the dealings of currencies such as PPMC, Ukash etc. that are bought and sold as pins or vouchers. PPMC or Ukash currencies are in form of pins and vouchers which makes these currencies risky. An example of why these are considered as risky currencies is that one party sells Ukash pin/voucher to another party for cash. When the party that purchases the pin/voucher tries to load it, it turns out to be an invalid or used pin/voucher. The buyer claims that the seller gave them a used or invalid pin/voucher, whereas, the seller claims that they gave them a valid and legitimate pin/voucher and now the buyer is trying to scam them. So, there is no real way of finding out who the victim is and who the culprit is. This is why currencies involving pins and vouchers are deemed as risky. If you send PerfectMoney funds or PayPal funds to anyone, the transaction is recorded in the transaction history of both the sender and the receiver, making the transaction transparent so the receiver cannot claim that they did not receive the funds when they are actually sent by the sender as the transaction is also recorded in the sender's account. Unfortunately, this cannot be the case when pins/vouchers are involved as the transactions are not recorded and, thus, are not transparent which makes it very easy for scammers to scam people by lying.

    Therefore, we have come to a conclusion that in the effort to significantly reduce scam and filter out the scammers from legitimate exchangers on the forum, we have to make it mandatory for ALL exchangers dealing in these high-risk currencies to get their accounts verified and, thus, become ECZ Verified Exchangers. If you choose not to go ahead with the verification, you will not be allowed to deal in the high-risk currencies mentioned below.

    High-risk currencies:

    • PayPal My Cash
    • Reload It
    • Amazon Gift Cards
    • PayPower
    • Onevanilla
    • Paysafecard
    • Ukash
    • iTunes
    • Moneypak
    • Prepaid cards
    • Gift cards
    Any members and exchangers not dealing with the aforementioned currencies can ignore this notification.

    We believe this mandatory account verification will cleanse the forum from most scammers as only legitimate exchangers who are interested in developing their business for long-term will take up this offer and get verified. Whereas, the scammers who create a new account, scam a few people, get banned and then create a new account again to do this all over again will not be able to do it anymore. And the forum will be left with mostly real, legitimate exchangers.

    Important information:

    • The list of ‘high-risk currencies’ may be amended or updated at any time.
    • Any member trying to find loopholes in this policy and continuing to deal in the high-risk currencies without verifying their account will receive a ban.
    • This policy is effective immediately.
    • A grace period of 4 days is being allowed to current members to get their accounts verified till July 18th. After this date, any non-verified member found dealing with the high-risk currencies on or off the forum may be banned.
    • A discount of $100 is being offered to members who verify their account within the next 2 days.
    • For any questions/queries, feel free to get in touch with us via e-mail.

    If you choose to ignore rule 2-A, your account will be banned after a warning. This ban will be permanent unless you get your account verified. Upon verification of your account, this ban will be lifted. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the forum rules (call them terms & conditions to use this forum) and make sure to follow them. We believe we have posted enough warnings for users who tend to break the forum rules intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, once the account is banned, requests to lift the ban will not be entertained, unless the user verifies the account.

    Note: We may allow some gift cards or such to be traded that are not mentioned in the aforementioned list. All gift cards/items mentioned in the list are strictly not allowed if you are not a verified exchanger.
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