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    Earnings on communication!

    Welcome bonus for registering on TGF. You get 10 TGF coins ($0.10, 10 cents)
    Daily bonus points for logging in the community: You get 1 TGF coin every day. Premium members get 5 TGF Coins every day.
    Starting a topic (thread) in most of the categories and forums. Earn 5 coins ($0.05, 5 cents) per new thread.
    Everytime a member reply to your topic. You get 1 TGF coin ($0.01, 1 cent) per each member that add a reply to topics you started.
    Adding posts in existing threads in most of the categories and forums. Earn 2 coins ($0.02, 2 cents) per reply.
    Referring new members to Top Gold Forums. Earn 10 coins ($0.10, 10 cents) for every new free member that signup on your ref link.
    Playing games to multiply your points.
    Depositing coins in the TGF bank